Hello friends and clients,

   I'm Bernie Walls, I live in Central Florida and I want you to see as well as experience my photography. While I'm more known for sports photography, I like being able to capture any genre and sometimes even putting my own twist on how something is viewed. So, take a bit of time and browse my galleries, hopefully something will catch your eye and you just won't be able to do without it! If you have an idea of something you'd like to see as a print, please send a message.

"Spinning wax"

Red record w/blue stylus
  • Bridal show display

  • Antique-styled lamp

  • The Redneck Rocket

  • Classic Indian motorcycle

  • A Jeff Auxer Design by Jeff Auxer in Berlin, Maryland

  • Colin Herlihy in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Brad Flora in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Brad Flora in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Seth Conboy in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Andrew Mercir in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Tom Schaar at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Shawn White at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Michelle Lewin

  • Ikea display

  • Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer

  • "Intensity" w/ Matthew Kinsey

  • Sunset Park - Ocean City, Maryland

  • Seacrets - Ocean City, Maryland

  • Indian River - Delaware

  • Sunset Park at Christmas - Ocean City, Maryland

  • Indian River Bridge - Delaware

  • Sunrise on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Ravenel Bridge - Charleston, South Carolina

  • The Zipper at Trimper Rides in Ocean City, Maryland

  • Bar chairs at The W hotel in Washington, DC

  • The Spanish ship "eL Galleon" while docked in Ocean City, Maryland

  • The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

  • The Capitol in Washington, DC

  • Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC

  • A lantern in Charleston, South Carolina

  • Charleston, South Carolina housefront

  • Tidal Wave rollercoaster at Trimper Rides in Ocean City, Maryland

  • From the top of the Tidal Wave rollercoaster at Trimper Rides in Ocean City, Maryland

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